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SharePoint Services

Want To Use SharePoint But Don't Know Where to Start?

Compu-Hero is a good place to start. SharePoint is used to share and manage documents in a server-client environment. SharePoint allows users to interact with each other more efficiently by sharing documents, and improving collaboration. So in order to start using SharePoint, you will need to have a Windows server with SharePoint Services 3.0 installed and configured.

Many businesses use SharePoint to enhance their content management and data storage. It is also used to develop web applications and site models. SharePoint is full of amazing functionality so if you want to know how your company can benefit from using SharePoint contact us at (916) 606-7302.

We can plan, install, configure and improve the following SharePoint solutions:

  • Windows Share Point Services (WSS)
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
  • Share Point Designer

As you can see, we can also help you with the configuration and installation of a SharePoint Server not to be confused with the SharePoint Services which are part of the Windows server environment.

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