Protect Your Family From Online Dangers

Kids Watching Pornography on Laptop

At Compu-Hero, we know that you want to protect your family from the many dangers lurking on the Internet. We know that you especially want to protect your children. Whether you are the concerned parent of a teenager, or you simply want to ensure that your whole family will be able to safely access the Internet in your home, Compu-Hero recommends these simple steps:Compu-Hero's TipWith content filtering software for your PC and smart-phone, a limited account within Windows and proper education, you can protect your family. Need help? Let us protect your family.

1Don't ignore the danger. You and your family have to be aware of the harmful content on the Internet, and how easily it could come into your home and your lives. Educate your family about the dangers of online predators and “adult” content. Such material will most likely be offered to your children by someone at one point or another, even if you have kept it out of your own home. Someone has to teach them how to say: No! You are the best person for the job.

2Learn when and how your family is most vulnerable. Most children access indecent and “adult” material when they are alone, e.g. (in their rooms or at friends’ houses away from their parents). How? They go online. The number one way, by far, that children encounter “adult” material is on the Internet. Such material can even find its way into your child’s mobile phone, ipod or PSP. Why? Because online, access is free and anonymous.

3Block indecent material. Install content filtering software on every computer and mobile phone you own. That way everybody can enjoy the benefits of the Internet without its harmful content. Most content filtering software today has the ability to block indecent language, websites, emails and instant messages that are inappropriate. You can also schedule for how long and at what times your children should use their computers. And you can even get a report providing detailed information about individual or family Internet use.

4Beware of these programs: Limewire, Bittorrent, Kazaa and any other peer-to-peer programs. These programs are the type of applications that kids from 9 – 99 years of age are using to download “free music and software” (illegally of course) and pornography too. Some content filtering software doesn’t protect or filter the content from those applications. Check your software to see if it will block such applications. If it is not supported, make sure before installing your content filtering software to follow step five.

5Create different account users on Windows. Before you install your content filtering software it is a good idea to check that the programs mentioned in step four are not installed in your computers. If they are, uninstall them and then create limited user accounts so that other users don't reinstall those applications without your authorization. By blocking those "trading applications", you would be blocking every possible hole in the system where harmful and unwanted content could come through, and you will also be decreasing the chances of getting a virus or other malicious software.

With content filtering software for your PC and mobile phone, a limited account within Windows and proper education, you can protect your family and make the internet a safe place in your home. If you need help, simply call a Compu-Hero at 916-606-7302 or schedule our on-site service here: Let us protect your family.


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